They’re clogging up warehouses in China because the companies that usually buy them can’t afford the freight rates.

The shipping cartels have increased the charge for a 40ft container from China to the UK from a pre-Covid charge of US$2,500 to the current US$15,000. This has stopped the flow of lower-value goods (roll cages) to make way for products that can handle the spike in price, such as memory cards.  The result is a severe shortage of roll cages in the UK and companies are having to use wooden pallets in systems designed for roll cages.

Not only does this create inefficiency, but it also means there is now a shortage of pallets as well as roll cages.  At ACQSYS, we continue to recover lost and stolen roll cages and we are now spotting pallets for companies who desperately need them.  We have thousands of locations on our revisit database and there are usually unwanted pallets when we visit. It’s simple - we find them and you buy them!

Eventually, the Chinese government will put pressure on the shipping cartels and might even build their own ships to control the price of freight.  They won’t be held hostage.  Until then, remember that ACQSYS is here to help keep your supply lines moving.

Bill Howie