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How does the recovery service work?

You provide us with authority to recover your goods on your behalf and we do the rest. We find the equipment and repossess it by invoking the law regarding interference with goods.

How long do we have to commit to the recovery service?

There is no set time but we suggest a year initially. This is to give us time to build up the intelligence network needed to track your equipment.

What paperwork and assistance do we have to provide to have our equipment claimed?

Only a signed letter of authority is needed. We carry it with us and use it to gain access to sites holding your equipment.

How do I know this won't damage the reputation of my business?

We began trading in 2012 and we have not had a single complaint. We have protected our client’s reputation in every case.

How do I calculate the losses on my transport equipment?

Look at your capital expenditure budget for transit equipment. Some will be natural replacement of fully depreciated equipment but a lot will be theft and abuse.

Do we have to tag our cages in a certain way to have them identified correctly?

All equipment should have an identification plate or tag.

Are there any set up costs?

No, and you only pay on results.

Will you provide reports?

We report monthly on recovery locations and the worst offenders.

How does the audit process work?

You give us the supplier list and access to the book stock position. We visit the supplier and do a full reconciliation against the book stock. You can charge for losses or add surplus to the rental quantity.

Will the charges be high if large discrepancies are found at audit?

No, we charge a fixed rate per audit so the costs can be budgeted.

Is there ever trouble with the suppliers?

As long as they are in your supplier system you should have the right to audit them using an appointed agent. We go in with full authority and have a professional approach. Some suppliers are unhappy when we uncover discrepancies but they would be wouldn’t they?

What makes the ACQSYS rental model different?

We start with the standard weekly rental model but, because we have our own recovery business, we are able to recover and reintroduce lost cages into the pool. We take the benefit of those recovered cages and share it with you in the form of a rebate to mitigate the cost of cages you have lost. That is unique.

How do recovery, audits and rental have a positive environmental impact?

Every time you lose a roll cage or a produce tray you have to replace it in order to trade. Every time we recover one that’s one less that needs to be produced. Audits take it a step further and start to prevent some of the initial losses. The next logical step would be to rent cages from a company that specialises in recovery and auditing, so reducing losses even further. Every loss prevented is an environmental benefit.

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