If you use roll cages, you lose roll cages.  It’s a law of nature.  They get misplaced, diverted into other activities, stolen and generally treated badly.

Every time you lose a roll cage, you then have to replace it and buying new cages involves fresh metal.  This used to be simply a matter of wasting the earth’s shrinking resources but now, with the price of roll cages almost doubling in the last two years, it has become a major financial headache.

At acqsys.co.uk we trace and recover lost and misappropriated roll cages belonging to our clients, thus saving them the cost of purchasing expensive replacements.  In fact, at ACQSYS we are offering something more than recycling, we’re keeping the same item in circulation and extending its life.

Every roll cage we recover is another 40kgs of new mild steel that’s not needed and another rollcagerental.co.uk offers long term and short term roll cage hire for every type of business, keeping assets alive and reducing the amount of capital used to squander the earth’s shrinking resources.

So when you are wondering how to replace those missing roll cages this year, contact us through our contact us page, or get in touch with our rentals team at Roll Cage Rental if you want to use your valuable capital in a more sustainable way.

Bill Howie